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Our Purposes


Our mission is to create a safe, engaging environment for the children who come to the Kids Play Gym. We hope to improve and further enhance the experience of whoever walks through the front doors and aids with the child development process and continues to build and strengthen skills. With the current team, we have been working on two main projects so far in this team: the Bubble Tube and the Water Table. 

Kids Play Gym

Kids Play Gym was founded by Kat and Andy in order to be a leading developmental resource for both children and those surrounding them. They promise to always provide a safe and clean environment along with engaging and adaptive play equipment. They also offer many different kinds of therapy which include: ABA Therapy, Recreational Therapy, and Behavior Support Services. 

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​EPICS is a unique program mainly targeted towards engineer majors, although any major can join, in which they are required to take on a real world project that has been presented to them in order to solve a real world problem. This is a collaborative space where all ideas are welcome and a since of community is formed. 

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