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Current Projects

Bubble Tube

The Bubble Tube team is working on improving the Bubble Tube, an indoor interactive piece of equipment for children. This is the main instrument in the sensor room at the Kids Play Gym as well as make it waterproof. Their main goal is to fix the LED circuit from overheating while also improving the interactivity for children since it has not been turned for safety purposes. The Bubble Tube project began in August 2021.

Water Table

The Water Table team is working on making improvements to the water table, an attraction for children for therapy and free-play purposes. There are four main aspects of this task: improving the inbuilt filtration system, maintaining safety, have an interactive and engaging therapeutic environment, and incorporating a wave generator in one of the three water tables. This project was started in August 2021.


The Backyard team is in the early stages of designing a brand new project. We are designing a backyard play stage for Kids Play Gym in Bloomington, IN. This project is in the Design Process Stage, so we are communicating with our project partners to understand their needs and wants as well as developing a new outdoor activity for their yard. The picture to the right is our proposed design/solution for the project, and we hope the building process can begin this semester! We are working to design prototypes to present to our project partners. 

Proposed Design: 

Prototype 1: 

Prototype 2:

Prototype 3:

Memory Game  

The Memory Game team is working diligently on our latest interactive toy, an indoor game that may be played with a therapist or alone with adult supervision. This game includes shapes, colors, music, and light to assist children with autism improve skills. Memory games give reinforcement to help children stay motivated and confident while completing their objectives. This game's development will comprise CAD prints, microcontroller coding, and system wiring. This project started in August of 2022.

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